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Commercials and Corporates:-
A large number of companies including:- British Gas; British Airways; British Telecom; ICI; IBM ; Vauxhall; Virgin Atlantic; Ford; Jaguar; Nissan; RSPB; Glaxo; Encyclopedia Britannica; Mars; Rover; Visa; Barclays Bank; Sony.

For the BBC: 40 Minutes; Panorama; Watchdog; CBBC; Gardeners World; In-Side Story, Everyman and most recently a film documentary "School" covering an academic year at a school in Watford. For C4 / ITV: various programmes for Equinox; First Tuesday; World in Action; Big Story; Dispatches; and LWT's Surprise-Surprise.

London Bridge Studios, Fountain Studios, BBC Television Centre.

Previous documentaries whilst at Tyne Tees Television:-
A series of the The Tube as well as the Band Aid charity special for The Tube.
"The Princes Trust" Young people taking up the challenge of starting their own business with the help of the Princes Youth Business Trust.
"Sayonara Pet" Following the first workers in the North East to Japan and the effect that Nissan had on the North.
"Kelly's Eye" Matthew Kelly investigating what aid agencies do in Senegal.
"The Golden Mile" Local runner Steve Cram at the World Championships in Helsinki and Olympics in Los Angeles.
"Rock'n'Roll, Fish'n'Sheep" Ian Anderson of the rock group Jethro Tull.

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