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This page has details of the equipment I use
Fostex PD4 Portable DAT Recorder
Fostex PD4 Portable DAT Recorder
The Fostex PD4 has become my main workhorse recorder. Version 2.41 software details are available from the Web site of John Rodda. I am biding my time until I see what the next generation of recorders - tape or hard-disc based - brings. DEVA is a possibility, but then Fostex are rumoured to have something even more interesting in the pipeline.

My Audio Developments AD149 mixer took over a short while ago from the trusty Soundcraft LM1 mixer that served me well for so long. Bags of headroom and a limiter on each channel, coupled with exemplary sonic quality, have made it a superb choice. Audio Developments AD149 Mixer
Audio Developments AD149 Mixer

HHB 1000TC DAT Recorder
HHB 1000TC DAT Recorder
I still love my HHB 1000TC recorder number 25 off the production line. With bucketloads of tape having passed over the heads, it still fails to show any head wear and to date I've only had one glitch, which I don't think is bad! Its timecode abilities are so much more versatile than its PD4 cousin.

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